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Why Are Ladies Drawn to Hot, Dangerous Guys?


Why are ladies drawn to hot, dangerous guys? S.E.X. Okay, you might ask, “Why would someone who writes sweet romance (no on-the-page love-making) answer that question with that word?” Stick with me now, and you’ll find out.

For our purposes, S.E.X. is an acronym, and the S stands for seduction. The word seduction means “to lead astray.” “Astray,” from what? Well, it can simply be defined as being led astray from one’s ordinary world. Seduction also involves game playing. It is like a ballet of enticing moves between the seducer and the seduced—each move designed to elicit a counter move from the other. Now, tell me, who doesn’t want to be seduced? To be the object of someone else’s desires and attentions? Even the most conservative, traditional women want that, right? April, in Bikers and Pearls, is just that woman—a sweet, cautious Southern belle whose life is unadventurous. When she finds herself in the crosshairs of a “bad-boy biker,” she doesn’t run for the hills; instead, she tentatively plays with him, lowering her guard more and more, until she finds the temptation of being “led astray” irresistible. She is seduced.

The next on our S.E.X. agenda is the Eexcitement! No matter the job or pastime, everyone’s life grows monotonous. I’ve encountered all sorts of people in all sorts of professions, and they have all reported the same eventual end—tedium. Even though it may take years to reach that epiphany, humankind is prone to boredom and—many times—will seek adventure in travel, recreation and new romance. What better way to encounter excitement than with someone who truly brings something different to the table—literally. Bullworth (Bull), April’s new admirer in the book, literally turns her bland diet into an international fiesta. April moves from pushing papers as a risk-assessment manager at a local insurance company to riding on the back of Bull’s Harley—something she vowed she’d NEVER do. Excitement is irresistible.


Finally, we come to the X—yes, the x-factor, the mystery, the unknown. From time immemorial, mystery or the unknown has intrigued mankind. Think Beowulf or even “Little Red Riding Hood.” Fear makes people feel alive. It pricks the hairs on our necks, sends tingles up our spines and—sometimes—even stops our hearts. To a lesser degree, a new romance with a hot, dangerous guy does the same—it makes us feel alive in stimulating ways we have not felt before. In Bikers and Pearls, April’s encounter with a world she’d feared since a childhood accident was both mysterious and forbidden. Of course, she’s going to have trouble! And readers will have a few laughs at her expense. The unknown lures us to discover its mysteries.

All that being explained, romance readers are looking for S.E.X., too. Through books, they can be taken away from their daily lives—no matter how interesting they might be—and brought into worlds where “Seduction,” “Excitement,” and the “X-factors” fill each page. So…that is why someone who writes sweet romance can answer the question posed at the beginning of this “discussion.” Even if we don’t read an actual love-making scene, readers are still drawn to hot, dangerous guys for S.E.X.

Here’s to hoping your lives are filled with great books, real romance and lots of S.E.X.!


Bebe Knight

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